British Council Library – Chennai


Rules gone for a walk – Abirami Mall – Chennai

Yes we need to make money and so we rent out every inch of space we can. Not to be spared is the emergency exit where a chocolate stall has come. COMMON GUYS…. Are we fools to spend crores of money (legally and otherwise) building malls for you to enjoy and not to make money ……. thats bad 😦

Before Accident:
Formal Statements:
Police Dept: We will check into the matter and take strict action
Fire Dept: We have checked completly and only thereafter we have issued clearence. What can we do if they break the rules later?
CMDA: Really?
Corporation: Common Sir, we have other work 🙂

After Accident:
Formal Statements:
Police Dept: We are investigating the matter and will submit our report shortly
Fire Dept: There seems to be an electric short circuit. As stated investigations are on and we will submit our reports.
CMDA: We have issued them notice on this already.
Corporation: We have been warning them of such things for quaite some time now

The result:
Loss of valuable lifes