India 26/11/2008 – We salute our heros

Though this blog was only to write issues happening or related to Chennai, I take the liberty to put down my views on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Yes I have given the heading India because I see this not as an attack on Mumbai but on India.

It heart breaking news that an iconic structure such as Taj was almost tore apart by the terrorists but for our NSG commandoes, Army and the Air force. The ATS as the Anti Terrorist Squad is often called nor the Mumbai Police had any clue of the magnitude of the attact even after the chief of the ATS and other police officers of the Mumbai Police was taken down by the terrorists. Only thereafter the Mumbai government decided to call in the NSG. However it took more than 10 hours for the NSG to reach Mumbai to start terrorists flushing operations. the delay is crucial since it gives sufficiant time for the terrorists to take vantage points for attacking. Shortly we lost a brave and daring officer Major Unni Krishnan of the NSG. Finally the operations ended on Saturday and the sanitising operations began in the Taj.

The attacks were so well planned with terrorists checking out the complete geography of the locations such as the Taj, Trident Oberoi, Nariman house, the railway stations under attack, rather I would go to the extent to say had a rehersal before the actual strike. they carried satellite phones, black berry and arms of all kind.

Immediately after the operations were completed the anger poured out by the residents of Mumbai against politicians that nothing had been done, but giving it a second thought it is us the public who has choosen them to lead us. The press and the media is no saint with taking the opportunity to conduct talk shows on the reactions of the public, am sure the same press and media is going to stop all these in the next few days and carry on with their business. The same was the stoy after the Mumbai train blasts, blasts in Bangalore and Delhi. None of them would have the guts to question the politicians. Having said that, I should mention and appreciate the three big guys in media namely Roy (NDTV), Arnab (Times Now) and Rajdeep (CNN-IBN) who were all out to question the politicians and I only pray that these three big guys keep this going and get our politicians to answer their questions. We have hundreds of questions but all we can do is only blog or discuss with our friends. But if these three guys take this forward am sure there will be a change.

It is sad that the Mumbai government reacts by saying that the terrorists were here to kill 5,000 which otherwise means that the deaths are only 200 and odd so why make it a big issue. They also had the guts to say that “these things happen in big cities” and still get away with it.

Now getting back, I was discussing with my friends on the complete failure of the Indian Intelligence namely IB and RAW. But it was shocking to know that our Indian government had intelligence reports about the attack on Mumbai through sea as early as September. The PMO merely ignored the same assuming that it was not credible.

At this point there are few questions that come to my mind …….. atleast if I am to ask a few; what are we going to do now? How are we going to avoid such future attacks? Do we have a crisis management plan? Are we still going to allow the use of the NSG for running behind the cars of ministers rather than engaging them in proper anti terrorism actions? Would we still look at the vote banks before we decide on punishing a terrorist who has been convicted by the Supreme Court of India? Are we enacting any anti terrorism laws? Are we allocating funds for higher security and better arms rather than the 303 rifles held by our policemen?
Where are our tax monies? Would there be another corruption scandal in buying arms?

Last but not the least, I only wish our leaders learn by watching other leaders atleast the basic minimum mannerisms of handling an issue rather than just pointing your fingers on the opposition party or any other third country.

to be continued …………



One thought on “India 26/11/2008 – We salute our heros

  1. all of us have 1000 questions but no answers and not even people who dare to answer. politicians are using this as a means to play blame game and gain mileage using this. What more could be a bane for this country? Our leadership has failed and its time they step up and prove that they are not lame ducks

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