Senseless and Insensitive Chennai Traffic Cops

I just returned back home after attending a wedding reception but for a change with a heavy heart. No it has nothing to do with the marriage. I left home around 6.45pm and wading through the traffic reaching the Ega Theatre junction at about 7pm and was waiting for the signal to turn green to take a right to get into the Chetpet Over Bridge when I started to hear the ambulance siren and I checked my rear view mirror to find the ambulance right behind me stuck between the traffic. Unfortunately I was unable to move any further and was helpless. I just honked and tried to alert the police guy a furlong away but all my honks and shouting’s fell in deaf ears. I just prayed that the signal turn green but to add fuel to the fire the signal on the other end fell green and none bothered to stop nor did the police constables or the traffic sergeant tried to stop the incoming traffic so that I can move forward. After waiting impatiently for about 5 minutes the traffic light turned green and I moved aside and left the ambulance to move forward. I called up the sergeant and asked him what he was doing and he replied shamelessly “Where is the ambulance? And tried shouting at the poor constables standing on the other side of the road” It is not unusual for the cops to behave differently to the “worthless politicians” and “the innocent citizens” but what is heart breaking is their insensitive attitude even towards the public in immediate need of medical attention. I am sure everyone would agree that the traffic flows better in the absence of a traffic cop of a sergeant. Such senseless cops are actually violating the basic rights of the citizen to life guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. 


2 thoughts on “Senseless and Insensitive Chennai Traffic Cops

  1. I don’t whether I told you how I was bashed by 2 cops for following signal- i underline the words for following signal…I gave it back to them hard and more but still that’s how the situation is…I will write a blog about this…

  2. I stumbled on your blog.The post made a sad reading.We have not increased the road space consistent with the growth in auomobiles.Licences are issued mindlesly for buildings at busy traffic junctions.Except for petty neighbourhood shops,all big ones should be allowed only at designated places. Till then patients in ambulances caught in traffic should only pray.Less said of our cops is better

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