Revival of my passion (hmmmm I guess so) of blogging

Finally I decided to revive my blog after seeing some speeding motorists jumping a 15 sec RED signal with a traffic cop watching  near the DRG Hospital signal on my way to office. It just struck me how careless these people are without any thought about the other road users and more importantly the lil child that would wait for her dad’s return, the smiling wife awaiting the husband, the aged parents waiting for their daughter and only they hear is bad news…..

While I was pondering over this I heard a siren from an ambulance and paving way for it and while the ambulance overtook me it was spine chilling to even imagine oneself on that ambulance battling for their life…

I believe that however tough the laws are made they are broken unless we citizens learn to respect them, learn to respect others, our neighbors, our co passengers, other road users and specially pedestrians, cyclists.

When will the CHANGE be YOU.


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