Mission Passport – Chennai Passport Office

This is my experience entirely for applying a passport in Chennai for a minor child under Tatkal.
Finally we decided to get a passport for my son Matthew and as I was discussing this with my colleague he challenged me that it is nearly impossible to get the passport without meeting an agent at the passport office. I decided that instead of cribbing at the corruption and red tapism around us, I should take this challenge and ensure that I get the passport for Matthew directly from the Chennai Passport Office without approaching any of the agents/touts.
First Step:
Checked the passport office website which only has broad information and almost no information on passport for minors(safe for them – You can question them later). The next step was to Google for information and landed with some wonderful blogs. Am taking the liberty to list them here so that anyone reading my blog can benefit from the valuable information given in their blogs.
After perusing these blogs I finally went for the online registration page of the passport website. On the drop down option of “Passport Office” we have two options – Chennai for ordinary Applications and Chennai Tatkal for Tatkal applications. Now you will not see Chennai – Tatkal just like that. The reason: Typical careless attitude of Government Offices. They have not arranged the drop down list in alphabetical order. If you go down the drop down list you will find the Chennai – Tatkal option. Thanks to my neighbor (Pradeep) who pointed this out to me just a day before I was to go to the passport office with an ordinary application. I redid my application once again and got a new Demand Draft in the name of “The Regional Passport Officer, Chennai” Payable at Chennai for Rs.2100. (Rs.600(Application Fee) + Rs.1500(Tatkal)).
The application will be printed with Rs.600 only mentioned in the column. Please use a whitner to amend this alone. No whitner should be used in making corrections in other places. If done the application will be treated as void.
All the required details were filled on the online application form and upon hitting the save button “Viola” I got the appointment date for visiting the passport office on March 14, 2011 (One month from today when I filled the application form “Valentine’s Day) which is crazy specially when I apply under Tatkal. I will now visit the passport office to know whether I can visit them any day prior to this appointment day and plead my case. Pradeep has advised me that I meet the “APPICER” I mean officer at the First Floor of the Passport Office and request early appointment citing some urgency reasons.
Signature in the application form by minor/infants/babies:
Now since my boy who is 4 months old has not started to sign on his own we will have to put his thumb print in places where he has to sign. In all places the thumb print is followed by the parents signatures. Exception to this rule is the thumb impression on the first page on the top. This will only have the thumb impression and no signatures.

Getting the documents in place:
Fortunately opps sorry Unfortunately I do not have my wife’s name in my passport. (I wish I could when I applied for my passport during my college days). Luckily (and unfortunately J ) my wife’s passport has got my name as it was taken after our marriage (How we got her passport is a big story – hopefully will have it blogged soon). The catch here is I have one address in my passport, my wife has another and the birth certificate of Matthew has a completely different address. However we now want the passport in my wife’s address hence we are relying mostly on her passport, address proof etc and birth certificate is only to show that we are the parents.
The documents Required:
1. Bank Statement/passbook in original with your photo and bank seal.
2. Letter from Bank Manager certifying your account and address.
3. PAN card, Letter of PAN allotment along with the last income tax returns/Form 16.
4. Passport of both Father and Mother.
5. Annexure – H: Printed in plain white sheet and signed by both parents.
6. Demand Draft (DD) for Rs.2100 in the name of “The Regional Passport Officer, Chennai” payable at Chennai with the name of the applicant, date of birth, application number (the computerised number on the right top corner of the application form something like MATI02663311SA0925 for Tatkal) and telephone number clearly written behind the DD.
7. Copies of passport size photographs.
Please carry all original documents wherever applicable along with additional photocopies just to make sure not to run around searching for a photocopy shop.
Arrangement of the Application and photocopies set:
Yes, This is very important. Now stop searching for information on this at the passport website, You will find nun. I was advised by Pradeep once again to obtain the services of the “helpers” outside the passport office for a fee of Rs.20 only (Nopes you are not gonna talk about the sharing ratio) so that he arranges the entire application set in the order that will make the verifying officer happy. Finally my office assistant went to the passport office to sort out the arrangement of the application issue. The agent advised that we arrange the application in the following order.
1. First 3 pages of the application
2. Birth Certificate of your child
3. Annexe H – Now the agent gave me a different format. I am attaching it here for the readers convenience.
4. Passport copy of the Father
5. Passport copy of the Mother
6. Marriage Certificate
7. Father’s bank statement
8. Mother’s Driving Licence
9. Last page of the application form
10. Police verification page in duplicate.
11.  Demand Draft (DD) for Rs.2100 in the name of “The Regional Passport Officer, Chennai” payable at Chennai with the name of the applicant, date of birth, application number (the computerised number on the right top corner of the application form something like MATI02663311SA0925 for Tatkal) and telephone number clearly written behind the DD. Also please ensure that your DD bears the Staff S.No of the person signing the draft in the bank. (It is ridiculous but don’t take your chances)
March 14, 2011:
Reached passport office at 8.30am saw the Q till the gate. Joined the Q and when I neared the Token guy at 9.30am he said “Sir you can go to the 2nd floor” :-0 Went to 2nd floor another Q for Senior Citizens and infants. About 20 to 25 persons waiting. The wait started and the Lordship came at 10.30am to start issuing the tokens. I got Token No: 55 Counter E. God only knows how the token number was 55 when only 20 persons were there. Some Hanky Panky for sure. He bluntly said go down watch the screen.,… I quietly left to office.
At 12.20pm I returned to the passport office and noticed that the token number was 44 so went to the 2nd floor was lucky to grab a seat as well. Waited once again. Bingo at 1.00pm they went for lunch and the token no was 50. Back at 2.pm the tokens started to roll. At 2.30 went and verified the documents and got the approval and finally before I left the officer said “Excuse me sir How are you related to the applicant? and I was like Zapped…………. I said Father-Son 🙂 and then another Q for handing over the DD and that took a while. Finally Viola I completed the process and got the receipt. I am just waiting for receiving the passport now.
The whole room was smelling of sweat, no AC, no fans, no way to get in or get out, worst than a cattle shed and God save us in case of a fire accident. And this is just another day at the passport office. They take our money and they sit in AC rooms while we are treated like shit!
Hopefully I should file a Writ before the High Court Madras for cleaning this mess….. Lets see. Only time will say!