The Pram Saga in Chennai

Driving through the crazy Chennai traffic I was recollecting the hard time we went through finding a quality, reliable pram for our son Matt. Then the success in finding one such thing and then wondering whether I should put it right here so that someone else might find it useful. My wondering materialized when I saw todays comment on my FB status.
Now we started checking out prams from Just Born (which has only their own brand), Mom & Me(Very few prams – cheaper but shabby), Born Babies (in Anna Nagar- Decent enough with a few models by First Step), BSA (yes BSA cycles which we had in our younger days) but unfortunately they have less productions, Mere Toy Shop had a few models from First Step and some other brand. The shocking part was I checked with Angels in Anna Nagar and they had a few models like Zauhaou and apparently you know where it is made πŸ™‚ LOL Made in C%^&*.  None of the parents would risk their babies life with that.
HUNKY DORY in Kilpauk – I am gonna give this a 100% rating because I really liked this shop for their collections and more important excellent customer service. When we first went there Matt was just a week old and he started crying and the staff there made if so convenient for us to handle the situation very well. And when I went in last week when the hunt for Pram started they had a few models from First Step and one from Chicco which was really good. But when I went in a few days back they had ran out of stock. Meanwhile in Ampa Sky Walk I met this nice lady who was using Chicco for their kid and enquired where she had got it and she said “I got it from Switzerland” Wow! But she advised that I check with a few stores in Express Avenue which I did but my attempts were futile.  
So we finally decided that we will go for Chicco because it is branded and will have international service as Matt would be travelling soon. The Chicco will also be smart enough to be handled well inside the flight as I cant take a risk trusting the baggage handlers. We all know how our baggage is handled! Broken Handles, etc etc. πŸ™‚ Checked online and as always South in India means Bangalore and Chennai is part of Sri Lanka. πŸ™‚ This discrimination starts right from a news channel ignoring Chennai to Chicco who opens up shop all over the north and in South in Bangalore. But Hunky Dory guys are smart. real Smart! Within 50 minutes of telling them the model number they got me the pram. It was a nice piece and Matt enjoyed it as well.
Thank you Hunky Dory for making my day.

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