First car trip alone to ammachi’s place

Got up early as usual and was bothering mom who wanted dad to take me out. As dad was planning to go meet CTSJ thata he decided that he takes me along if I behave. 🙂 So he put me on the front seat and locked me on the seat belt. Pretty safe now huh! The ride was smooth except dad yelling at a few idiots on the road… Josua’s friends were there and I had a great time with them. Ammachi gave me some superb ice cream (2 cups for me) and came back home for lunch. 


Got my first jeans today! Yipeeee….

Dad and mom went for shopping to Ampa Mall and I tagged along as always… 🙂 This time I made sure I got some thing for myself. Yes. I ran into the UCB shop and picked a blue jean that fitted me perfectly. Had a ball of a time with some booster juice as well. Thanks to mummy and daddy!