A trip to remember – Paris

Papa was off for a conference in the US on May 2 and will be free by May 12. Momma planned in a way that we meet Papa in Frankfurt airport and go to Paris for a vacation. We reached Frankfurt on time and had to rush to catch our connecting flight to Paris. Nothing unusual, stupid papa booked a connecting flight with just 1 hour to spare and poor Fathima ammachi has to literally run to get to the departure gate. There was the idiot opps sorry papa waiting for us as always tensed biting fingers moments…. We were on time to save our skin and boarding started. With all the running around Ammachi was so thirsty that dad had to run to the nearby shop to pick a bottle of water for her while we boarded. While daddy tucked his jerkin on the overhead cabin I opened the bottel and poured all the water on the nice carpet while daddy just noticed it and says “Holy %%%%” 🙂 LOL. the air hostess was a sweetheart who gave daddy a few tissues and got mom a glass of water. It was nice to see dad after 2 weeks and I stuck with him fora while before I decided I move on to mom as dad kept saying “dont do this, dont do that” dad will always be dad. Phew! he never grows up.

We reached Paris on time, it was a long walk to reach the exit gates but Peo mama was already waiting for us there. It was an hour’s drive and we reached home to be treated with hot iddlis and dosas by Plumenna attai. Mario and Darshini (my little cousins) bunked school waiting for me and we had a great time playing with toys. Dad as usual went ahead to plan our trip to St.Lourdes the coming days.

Dad finally booked the TGV train tickets to St.Lourdes for May 15, 2012 and we left quite early to catch the train. Plumena attai packed enough snacks for our trip and I was looking forward to it. The train was super clean and dad had no issues leaving me to be on my own. The first move of the train gave me a bang on my head … and then I got used to it. There were two nuns a few seat away from ours and it seems they were from Little sisters of the poor from Srilanka on a mission. Since dad works with the LSOP in Chennai he picked up a conversation and were discussing missionary works among other things. We reached St.Lourdes around 3.00pm and we hopped into a cab who ook us on a 5 minute ride to our hotel only to charge us a whopping 10 Euros.

After freshening up  we decided to take a walk around the church and relax. While dad borrowed a nice pram rom the hotel, mom and ammachi did some window shopping. The walk to the church was cruel as it was really cold. Dad made the trip really short and decided to get back to the room quite early and we ate some Srilankan Cuisine and hit bed early for the big day ahead.


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