It’s rolla skating time!

Matt - roller skatesWe wanted to put Matt on something that would drain his energy so that he sleeps early. So I took Matt to the Rolling Skating class and after the initial chat with the coach he agreed to take Matt in for coaching. Matt was all excited wearing his green helmet and gloves. Unfortunately by the time he wore his skates the other kids were there and he was kinda scared or rather irritated… maybe like Dad who does not generally like a crowd. He wanted to go to MOM by chanting “amma ponnum”, “amma ponnum”. Thanks to Aditya and his mom who came in to save me and Matt was a little relaxed after seeing Aditya. They both started to skate (actually walking with the skates as a first step) and the next one hour was actually a good exercise for me and a great reason for bunking my regular 4km walk thereafter.


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