Matt’s cycle, visit to the startup center and the crazy accident.

After a long time I decided that I will attend the open house at the Startup Center. Woke up a little late being Saturday and went to office for a while and came back home around 11 to take Matt and get him a bicycle. Went to jusbuy cycles in Anna Nagar and after a few test drives and Matt decided to take the red cycle against the orange one as his skate board was red as well. Matt was pretty excited about his new bicycle that he spent the noon riding around the flat.

Was whatsapping with Navarre in the noon and he decided to join me for the open house meeting at the startup center. Had a quick nap, got ready around 5 and had a call driver arranged to pick me at 5.15 only to be called around that time and say that he won’t be able to make it. So I decided to drive, picked Navarre on the way and headed out to Thirvanmiyur – the startup center. Finally with some help with google map we found out the location. Had a warm welcome from Dorai, Aditya, Ritesh and Vijay(the startup guy) who was like “you don’t look like a lawyer” 🙂 Met Miko the startup dog, cute and lovely. Had managed to pick up a bone for her in the morning with Matt and she was super excited with the bone. Met a few other interesting entrepreneurs and students. Chit chatted a lot about funding, bootstrapping, branding, accounting, website developments, acquisitions,v.’s, investors etc. Navarre took leave at around 8. I left around 9 bidding farewell to all.

DSC_0198While driving down New Avadi Road from Pachiyappa’s College decided to take a right turn at Ramanathan Street and turned the indicator to the right and dipped the head lights to the bus that was about 20 meters away and then “BANG!” I see this guy falling on my windshield and another fell on my left head lamp and both rolled over. I got out of the car and asked them if they are okay and then tried pulling over my car to the right when I realized my front bumper is hanging down and one guy in the crowd helped me and finally managed to pull over the car to the right and parked it. Went back to see how these two idiots were only to be told that they fled the scene. Then I assessed the damage – a broken radiator, front bumper broke, front radiator grill broken and several dents on the bonnet reached home around 22.45 for a quite but sad dinner with Savari and Matthew.


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