Interesting interview of Johnny Lever

It is unusual that I read Chennai Times (Mostly Bollywood/Hollywood gossips). Today’s morning breakfast menu had a new item. The  interview of Johnny Lever (an Indian actor known for his comedy)  on Chennai Times. The story of this man reminded me the stories I have heard from my grandfather about his younger days.

Take away’s from his interview:

1. You maybe born poor but what you are today depends on how hard you worked so far.

2. Believe in God. Miracles happen. His son had this tumor (cancer) on his neck and after doctors lost hope there was a doctor for NJ who got it removed.

3. He stopped drinking/smoking etc after this miracle. Best thing is you never smoke and drink. Save that money 🙂

4. Never ask or do favors to get work. If you are good at your work people will recognize you and hire you.

5. Never do your work for free specially when the other person can afford it. Do it for free when the other one can’t afford it.

6. Money is needed for a decent life but not everything. When you have no money  you will just be living in a remote place in a smaller house. Your skills will fetch your food. Believe in yourself and your work.



Stock Market – Should I trade or Invest to make profits?


Am sorry if this is point blank but the reality is losses are painful. 

If you do not have a career and have tons of money to risk – go ahead and trade. You may end up making another ton f money or end up on the streets. 

If you have a career, a family to care for and want to travel the world then INVEST.

Not that every trader makes losses or is a looser. All I am saying is trading is not for us.  


Beginning of an Farmerpreneur.

Paddy Cultivation:

Transplanting is done between 28 to 35 days from Sowing.
Harvesting is done between 58 to 60 days from Transplanting.

Kuruvai Cultivation:
Area under cultivation: 7 Acres
Paddy Variety: TKM 9
Expected Quantity: Approx 14 tons
Expected date of harvest: July 30, 2014

Samba Cultivation:
Area under cultivation: 15 Acres
Paddy Variety: 1009
Expected Quantity: Approx 33 tons
Expected date of harvest: Jan 15, 2015


* 970 kgs is 1 ton

Five tips before you invest in the stock market.

1. Research your stocks. Add fundamentally strong stocks to your portfolio. (ONGC, L&T, SBI, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Reliance, Reliance Infra to name a few)
2. Patience is the key. Look at a long term investment horizon. (Six months to two years would be ideal)
3. Buy when others sell. Look for opportunities to add more of your chosen stocks to your portfolio. (Market crashes are a great opportunity to buy)
4. Do not keep all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your portfolio. (IT, Pharma, FMCG, Agriculture, Infra are ideal sectors)
5. Don’t be greedy. Book your profits on time. Keep an auto trigger to book profits on reaching your target.

First flight for Mark

This summer has been crazy with professional trips taking me to Hong Kong and then to the US and summer was over. Obviously Matt and Prema was upset about missing their vacation. So we planned to make a quick trip to Conoon before I head out again. We checked online and found a good deal on accommodation with the Taj Gateway Hotel and the flights with Spicejet. Booked them right away and I headed out to the US and booked my return tickets 3 days post our 5th anniversary. Now that’s unacceptable right? Thankfully Prema pardoned me as always with the condition of not taking the laptop to Conoor. Agreed. BTW I just got my iPhone so can manage. Shhhh shhhh.

My return from the US was such a drama, starting with a cancelled flight in Boston, taking the train to NJ, riding the airport express to JFK and lastly missing your connection flight in London. Before I got out of jet lag we landed in Conoor. Much needed break for me as well.

Matthew was very excited about his flight specially the take off. Landing at Coimbatore was exciting as well with Matthew looking out for touchdown. Took a car from Royal Travels (very good service at great prices) to Conoor. The drive was pretty slow with Prema asking a stopover every bend for a break to puke her spoilt burger she took at the Chennai airport earlier. Finally Taj was there and it was a great place to unwind in the lush green space around you, great food and amazing hospitality. Special mention to Richard Conners at the restaurant who ensured Matt and Mark are busy while we grabbed our bite.

Three nights flew by and we got back to Chennai only to be welcomed by heavy thunder storm, ok not storm but heavy rains with sweet memories of the vacation.