Interesting interview of Johnny Lever

It is unusual that I read Chennai Times (Mostly Bollywood/Hollywood gossips). Today’s morning breakfast menu had a new item. The  interview of Johnny Lever (an Indian actor known for his comedy)  on Chennai Times. The story of this man reminded me the stories I have heard from my grandfather about his younger days.

Take away’s from his interview:

1. You maybe born poor but what you are today depends on how hard you worked so far.

2. Believe in God. Miracles happen. His son had this tumor (cancer) on his neck and after doctors lost hope there was a doctor for NJ who got it removed.

3. He stopped drinking/smoking etc after this miracle. Best thing is you never smoke and drink. Save that money 🙂

4. Never ask or do favors to get work. If you are good at your work people will recognize you and hire you.

5. Never do your work for free specially when the other person can afford it. Do it for free when the other one can’t afford it.

6. Money is needed for a decent life but not everything. When you have no money  you will just be living in a remote place in a smaller house. Your skills will fetch your food. Believe in yourself and your work.



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