Deficiency in Service – Legal Notice – Ola Cabs


On Jan 02, 2014 at 06.59pm I booked a cab for pick up at 8.45pm on Jan 02, 2014 using your mobile app. CRN #25182912. Copy of the email confirming my booking sent to my registered email address is attached herewith.

olaAt 8.00pm (45 minutes before the scheduled pickup time) I get an SMS stating “Ola! We regret to inform the cancellation of your booking CRN25182912. We’d have loved to serve you!”. A screen shot of the SMS s attached herewith. Anyone reading this message would have no clue if what is happening. It sounds like I cancelled the booking. So I went to check my upcoming rides in the ola mobile app and do not see the ride. I called up your customer care who informs me “The system would have cancelled it as there is no cab nearby, requesting you to book once again” When I mentioned that the least I would expect a call, he stated that it is system generated and he has no control over the system. I then go into the mobile app at 08.18pm and see cabs available in 16 minutes and was surprised how my existing booking is cancelled when the cab is nearby within 16 mins. Please see the screen shot attached taken at 08.16pm. I booked the cab and the booking was confirmed. CRN #25229234. Please see screen shot of the confirmation. I called the driver immediately who informs me that he cannot pick me up as he is having an issue on his payment with his current customer drop off and I requested that he reassigns it to another driver and thankfully he did. Please see screen shot of reassignment. I called the new driver who had no clue about the reassignment. Thankfully once again he agreed to pick up up. He reaches our flat exactly at 08.45pm to pick us up.

It is prima facie evident from the above facts and circumstances that your deficiency in service has caused me irreparable loss of time and money and mental stress, agony and trauma.

In view of the facts stated above, I call upon you to:

(a) Provide us with a written apology and an undertaking to train your staff and to ensure such mishaps do not happen to the other passengers/customers ;

(b) pay a sum of Rs. 5,000/- towards the physical strain and mental agony suffered by my family members and myself;

(c) deposit a sum of Rs. 25,000/- to the Consumer Welfare Fund; and

(d) pay a sum of Rs. 5,000/- towards the costs of this legal notice;

We look forward to hearing from you within two weeks hereof. Should we not receive an appropriate response from your end to this legal notice within the aforementioned time limit, we would be constrained to initiate suitable legal action before the appropriate legal forum, without any further notice to you whatsoever.

Thanks and regards,

Raja Selvam

Typed at 2am – ignore typos 🙂

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Old No: 9 Valliammal Street, First Floor, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600010, Tamilnadu. India
Phone: +91 44 43532502 |


Update: Several calls were made by their customer care executives asking what the problem was when I have sent them a legal notice. Though I did not take it forward, I decided not to use #Olacabs anymore. Moved to Uber who addresses customer issues immediately atleast in my case.


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