Stay away from CherriNet – EVER

logoWe came across CherriNet by the FLYERS they throw at your door and the NO Parking boards they put up on your gate and we were very excited about hi speed internet in Kilpauk. Posted a FB post requesting reviews. Not many knew about them but a friends friend suggested it was good. So took a risk and decided to test them. Also found out that they are backed by the SUN TV group and SCV.cherrinet cherri-net cherri-net-1

We wanted to test ride it and took up a one month plan and paid around 3500 which included a refundable deposit of Rs.1000/-.

Signed forms and gave cheque on – 6/08/2015
Installation promised on – 7/08/2015
Requested postponing installation to – 10/08/2015
Promised Installation at – 12.00 noon – 10/08/2015
Wiring completed at – 2.00pm – 10/08/2015
Technical guy came in at 6.30pm – 10/08/2015
Installation Completed at 7.30pm – 10/08/2015
Speed tested – 90 Mbps Upload and Download

The technical guy did not know how to configure the wifi router. I tried doing it. Then he said they need to do something at the server for wifi connectivity. He requested them. They did it, Wifi was conneceted. Around 8pm they left. WiFi stopped working at 8.15pm./ Called them again. Called customer care who absolutely has no clue on techical aspects. Placed a hi priority request.

11/08/2015 – Got a call from their technical team asking when they can come. Then a technician visited at around 2pm and said there are walls and that is why WiFi is not working. I told them to please leave and I configured the router myself.

11/08/2015. Several drops in speed. Disconnection was frequent.

12/08/2015. Speed dropped frequently and at 11am stopped connecting completely. Called customer care. Was informed that there was some server issue and will take 1 hour to rectify. Nothing happened till 4pm. Then a guy calls and says its all set. I checked and nothing worked. I called up customer care and placed a request to cancel the connection.

13/08/2015. One guy called Uday calls up and promises to send a senior technician. Informed him how his guy broke the router and silently left the place. Advises us to get a router to test connection. I managed to get a router borrowed from a good friend of mine. Waited the whole day and no one turns up.

14/08/2015 – No one comes in. At 6pm or later a guy calls up to check if he can come. We asked him to come in on Monday.

We are back on Airtel with a 16MbPs plan which does not disconnect 🙂

17/08/2015 – No one comes. No calls.

18/08/2015 – Requested refund of deposit and the balance on charges after pro rate adjustment. This guy called Uday calls up and had the guts to lie stating that their technicians were informed that we did not have a router to test. When asked to ask the technician to come to our office to say this no response. When requested the refund he wants me to write an email. Advised him that he writes me an email. Gives me bull shit on technology of how the internet cannot be shared using a switch/hub and that it needs configuration and that his team can do it. After a week?

I am so tempted to take these guys to Court and shut them down even before they launch and cheat 100’s of innocent customers.


13 thoughts on “Stay away from CherriNet – EVER

  1. We are planning for CherriNet, but second thoughts, after reading your experience. Where exactly in Kilpauk, and what were the real challenges?

  2. This is confirm to cheat public with words of 100MBPS one of my customer installed the same cherrinet he is not maintain the speed limit as per tarrif is worst to get cheat the public money but till now not a owned server he is hire from viva communication pvt ltd

  3. My experience has been right the opposite. Wonderful speed, very good reliability compared to YOU BROADBAND and airtel. I also had it installed at around the same time.

  4. I have taken a new connection in Cherrinet at PTC location,Chennai.They took 10 days for the installation though promised to do in 2 days only.After the installation,it is working fine.Internet speed is good.Due to rainy weather some disruptions happen but they solve it fast.It is good.I am happy with it.

  5. Seriously just because it works in the houses next to the main distribution line these kind of new isp keeps on coming. and they should better not promote and then fail. I was using Airtel for 7 years and changed to Reliance and worst affected by same disconnections and they said due to cable theft and one time they said some component issue and out of 30 days only 10 days it worked. I again changed to Airtel within a month.

  6. I know one more operator to avoid, when they arrive in Anna Nagar.

    I had a similar issue with You Broadband. They promised to give connection, tested for feasibility and took advance amount from me + deposit. Total amount was Rs. 2012. Promised installation time was 3 days.]

    Nothing happened for 5 days, I started calling them from day 4, without a response.

    Managed to reach them on Day 6, who said they don’t have any records of receiving deposit from me and asked me if I have any proofs. Then I shared the receipt details, and on checking, they said they missed updating it on the system, and assured connection in 3 more days.

    Day 9 came and went, nothing happened. Day 10, I kept calling them throughout the day, and finally reached out to someone around 5.30 PM, they said there’s no feasibility on my area and the Engineer who tested it did so wrongly the first time !

    Then the fight for refund started. Despite multiple calls, emails, and wait, I was made to wait for another 25 days.

    Day 35 – I heard from them my “Cheque” has been dispatched from Mumbai, when I called them (I had paid in cash by the way, not that it might matter)

    Day 40 – I finally got a call from their office (First time that action happened) who asked me to come and collect the Cheque from their office in Valluvar Kottam (Again, they said they wouldn’t be able to deliver it to my house, and I’ve to pick it up from their office if I want it).

    Overall, it took 40 WORKING days. Include Saturday, Sundays, that’s 2 months for them to return the amount I paid, because the connection, which their Engineer certified as ‘feasible’ was infeasible in reality 😦

  7. Give a consumer complaint to proper site, why afraid and shy,if all its true and correct.?

    Bcoz its sticked in our heads and made to think over yrs, its all trouble, no solution we will get and also add a bit of lazy funky busy attitude rather than going in for concrete solutions

    1. Hey Thanks for your comments. I am a lawyer and I know how long it takes when you go to a consumer Forum. IMHO what we all need is solutions. I got my money back and that is exactly what I wanted.

      1. Thanks Mr. Raja for your detailed description of cherrinet’s services. I am one of the many affected customer, cherrinet has not and don’t think they will ever understand what customer service is and what it is to have satisfied customer base. I had initially got the cherrinet connection on the 100 mbps plan and within a month I understood that it is only bogus claims and got my connection downgraded to 40 mbps. Things seemed to be going ok for 15 days and then trouble started again. I am an intermittent user of net and would like to have access when i need it and found that most of the time when we need it for some real important work there will be some disruption like frequent drops, or technical issues at their end.
        As you mentioned, the customer care is ill equipped and have no clue of what is happening. Internal communication between the customer care and technical team seems to non existent ( or that it what they seems to show the world, may be for their own convenience). The net result when I call up to report an issue, the answer is there is no issue at their end. Which makes the customer look like fools.
        The problem with all these service companies is that they either they don’t seem to understand that they are supposed to deliver the service that they have contractually promised and for which the customer is paying.
        another issue is of the complaints being closed without any confirmation from the customer whether the issue has been actually resolved.
        There has been frequent issues and one of my complaints have been open for more than 15 days.
        last 2 days have been no different, first there were connectivity issue and when i made a call to complain, as usual they refused to accept that there is a technical issue at their end. i made 8 calls in the span of 24 hrs and neither did any one from the technical team call nor was the issue resolved. after almost 36 hrs i get a message that my complaint has been closed. Am not sure who is confirming on my behalf.
        I’d not recommend cherrinet to anyone, don’t get fooled by the ads and pamphlets. Promises are only on the pamphlets and does not translate into their service offered.

        These companies can survive only in India, as everything and everyone here seems to have the “chalta hai” syndrome and would not want to waste their precious time to complain….net result we are still satisfied even when we get cheated or short changed for something we have paid for already or will be paying in full even when you have received only partial service.

        I guess it is the customer’s attitude which need to change, which will make it difficult for such companies to survive unless they deliver what they promise.

  8. Thanks for the detailed review. I was thinking of getting a connection. Their website looks too basic for a serious company – a technology company at that – more like an online flier. Your review confirms my fears.

    1. We have cherrinet in Kilpauk on Thambuswamy Road. Its been the best service we have had so far. We have the 40mbps and the speeds are consistently good. Yes we have small outages time to time but when you call them they tell you when it will get fixed. We had bsnl and airtel before.. Just higher cost and much lower speeds. This is a good value.

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