Matt’s Second Surgery – Removing the implants

After so much confusion on the dates for the surgery considering that the Insurance guys are closed for Pongal which will make us stay another day in the hospital, the doctor confirmed in the morning that we can go ahead with the surgery by 12 noon on Jan 13 and we hoped that Matt slept through as he has to be on an empty stomach for 6 hours prior to the surgery. As destiny would have it he would up sharp at 7am and we had to plan on an emergency plan. Fed him a chapatti and a glass of milk and asked him to hit bed. Went to sleep along with him. Woke up at 11, drove with Matt and enroute asked Matt “When did you have your last meal” and his reply surprised me. “Last night – you know I need to be in empty stomach” 🙂  and checked in to the hospital and was given a swanky room which had Jaguar Bath fittings, SONY LED HD TV (Ya ya – all our money – or the Insurance money 😉 ) and was moved for surgery around 1pm.


The most irritating part was the nurses having no clue of the surgery, prior history and asking me dumb questions like what’s his weight. Lost my cool after a few times and told her to get a weighing machine rather than asking me. Asking me to sign blank consent forms and blank anesthesia administration forms was pushing it.

The anesthetist was Dr.Manon Mani who was super nice. Spoke with Matt just to make him comfortable and Matt was super cool as always. matt.JPGAll set for the surgery and I stepped out while Matt bid me farewell.  The wait began. The Dr.Parthiban performed the surgery. Matt was out like in 40 mins. Still sedated but as always looking out for dad. 🙂

There was no stretcher and the asst doctor carried Matt to the ICU while the OT nurse was carrying his drips. The ICU nurses were fighting again as they did not get the bed ready, no oxygen in place, monitoring system was not set up and after few minutes under the threat that the anesthetist was going to come any minute the bed was set.

The implants (pins & wire) was finally out of Matt. IMG_0051.JPG

We had a visitor to see Matt immediately.


Spent the night chatting with Matt for a really long time about his school, friends, Ambika Miss (his LKG miss whom he loves a lot) and how he will now go back to school and show his scar to everyone and brag 🙂 how strong he is now that the pins are taken out.

Two days later we went for a regular check up and dressing of the wound and all seems good so far. Get well soon Matt so we can do our bed fights like crazy. Love Ya, my boy!


2 thoughts on “Matt’s Second Surgery – Removing the implants

  1. Came through searching a link for cherrinet… Chanced upon your writing about your feelings pre and post op for your son… Tears welled up my eyes …. They are lucky to have a dad like you… Now reading all the posts by you… Well written…Thanks for taking the time and sharing things…

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