Matt’s UKG graduation day celebrations at Bhavans 

As always the kids put up a lovely show starting with prayers, Bhagvad Gita chanting and a talk show.

Mr. Jain gave a very interesting speech on how the kids pass through the important stages specially at 1std, 8th and the 11th standard. He also shared though provoking points on how parents spend little time with kids. Funnily he came up with the term “Google Mothers” which is in a way very true.

He also gave an insight into the recent government order of making Tamil as the second language, the representations made to the educational departments, the challenges it poses for teaching and more importantly the pressure and impact it might have on the kids who now needs to learn 3 languages at age 6. His hands were tied as it was more of a political decision.

The program was followed by awarding certificates to the young graduates and a lovely talk show which was mind blowing. The certificates were very nice with the photos of the kids integrated in the certificate.

Vote of thanks by the wonderful little one and parents shared their experiences with the school.

Some pointers for parents in my humble opinion

There is an option in the phone called Vibration/Silent mode. Please learn to use it else throw your phone in the washing machine. It then goes to silent mode.

Take a shower. Remember you are in a AC hall. The parent on your next seat might die. You don’t wanna go to jail.

We know you have an iPhone, iPad, camera, whatever. Please don’t keep walking up and down with the camera. Enjoy the moment. That’s important. There are professional photographer s who will do their job. That social media share can wait.

Last but not the least, the teachers were wonderful as always. The army behind the tiny tots who are what they are today because of such teachers. Thanks will not suffice. Am positive that Ambika miss and Uma miss have made an impact on Matt’s life and will be remembered by him always.


Upgrading Sendy hosted in AWS ec2

This guide will help you upgrade your Sendy Installation on AWS ec2

You will need:
Access to your AWS EC2 dashboard
.pem file

Windows Users:

Convert your .pem file to .ppk file using PuTTYgen

Run PuTTY and login to your AWS ec2 instance

Mac Users:

Run Terminal.

Run the following command to login using your .pem file
sudo ‪ssh -i /Users/selvamraja/Desktop/sendy.pem

Change the path to where you have your .pem file

Run command


You can get your public dns from your aws ec2 dashboard

Avoiding /var/www copy/write permission denied

To allow user ec2-user (Amazon AWS) write access to the public web directory (/var/www/html), enter the following command via Putty or Terminal, as the root user

sudo chown -R ec2-user /var/www/html

then make sure permissions on that entire folder were correct by running the following command:

chmod -R 755 /var/www/html


Run Filezilla
Configure Filezilla to connect to AWS ec2 –

Get latest version from Sendy and follow Instructions at –

Login to your sendy installation and check version information.

Happy Emailing!

Late night drive with Matt & Mark + Ice Cream

Dropped Village Ammachi & Trichy Tatha in the bus stand and drew around Anna Nagar, stopped over at the Ibaco Ice Cream joint around 10.45pm, had some ice cream, stopped by a old lady outside the shop requesting to buy some flowers for Rs.20 and then she wanted us to buy for Rs.50 and emptied her bag. Very old and feeble. Impressed to see her working so hard late at night to make a living. Matt offered her a blanket and we bid her farewell.