Marky’s first night without a diaper

Alarms were set to go every two hours and for the first two alarms I had to check with the easy nappy and then woke mark to check if he wants to go to the bathroom and every time I did his response was in the negative.

Surprisingly at 8am he got up with a dry mat. Looks like he passed on the very first day. Shhhhh. Let’s see today. Hoping for the best. 😀


Matt’s first school picnic

Matt has done a few picnics in his LKG/UKG and Kindergarden but I think he really understood the meaning of it this time. He was super excited. Wanted to wake up early and he did. Around 6am and all set by 7.

He ran his way to his class after I dropped him off at school  the evening was filled with stories of bones and skins and dinosaurs   Yea  they went to the Egmore Museum  😃