Marky locks himself in the bathroom

Just another night and as we get ready to hit the bed, Marky goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth and after few minutes Matt tries to go bully him. So Marky tries to stop Matt from entering the bathroom and puts the latch. Then he is unable to open it. I tried to break open the door but was not able to and more so because we were not able to considering that Mark is right behind the door and he might get hurt.

I tried to use the ladder and climb my way up to the exhaust window and kept talking to Mark as he has started to cry. Pranitha’s mom suggested that we call the fire rescue service. Meanwhile Matt is going door by door and informing them that Marky is locked in the bathroom 🙂 He is having his fun. Then Sasha’s dad tried to break the door and while I was hanging outside the window, I called Mark to stay far away from the door and Bingo! the door opened.

Marky was scared and sweating crazy and was happy to run into my arms. He spent the entire night sleeping on top of me 🙂 Just another day!



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