Got my first jeans today! Yipeeee….

Dad and mom went for shopping to Ampa Mall and I tagged along as always… 🙂 This time I made sure I got some thing for myself. Yes. I ran into the UCB shop and picked a blue jean that fitted me perfectly. Had a ball of a time with some booster juice as well. Thanks to mummy and daddy!


My first train trip

Yippeee! I m gonna see the train 🙂 Yes. Jesu thata finished his house and has invited us to the house warming ceremony. Dad (yes yes my dear duffer dad) did not book the tickets and finally had to do a Tatkal booking and managed to get a few tickets.

Its gonna be fun travelling in the train. As always the train was late by 4 hours and it was like”why did we ever take the train” 🙂

My First Bicycle

First it was Fathima Ammachi who wanted to gift Matt his first bicycle and then it was Clemenci Attai and finally it was Trichy Ammachi who bought Matt his first bicycle. We searched a few shops in Perambur and finally we stopped over at the BSA shop near Arumbakam and Matt just picked up his color and his first ride in the cycle.

What a Day? Matt’s Birthday!

Matt with his ballons

After starting the day with a Morning Mass at the Risen Christ Church, we headed back home (RCPG) where we were joined by Prema’s uncle, aunt and children followed by Prema’s Parents. I had to leave to Kilpauk for the cake pick up at the French Loaf which was scheduled at 11am. So jumped into my car and had a free road ahead being a Sunday and seemed like I enjoyed driving for the first time from Kolathur to Kilpauk and was remembered of Krishnan and Shankar Sir who always says “We enjoy driving” and finally seems like  felt it then. Now going back with the cake home and instead of everyone looking at me excited instead stared at me and I wondered until Prema told me that my phone was not reachable for the past 2 hours. Thanks to Airtel who spoiled the mood for a while. Meanwhile we were joined by Vinny and her family and CTSJ & Family and it was nice to see Joshua geared for the day. 

Matt the lil Tiger!
The original plan was to cut cake at 11am followed by lunch but at 11am Matt slept off 🙂 He was tired getting at at 5am and getting read to Church. So we decided that we will cut cake at (after Matt wakes up!) Lunch was over by 1pm and it was as always a delicious meal by Enwynn Caterers, Kilpauk. The only surprise was the steep charge of Rs.400 for the delivery from Kilpauk to Kolathur. Thereafter Matt got up at 3pm and we cut the cake. It was a yummy Chocolate Truffle and it was like a desert after heavy lunch. The party ended at about 4pm and everyone leaving the place myself and Prema took the opportunity to taste the lunch. While I was lucky enough to hit bed with Matt, poor Prema had to clear the table but since it was a tiring day we just dumped everything in the Kitchen. It was 5pm and it was time to get set for the evening party with the crazy pals of RCPG at the Spice Jar Restaurant located in the Residency Hotel, G.N Chetty Road, Chennai. 

Matt’s Pooh
Once again we got out at 6pm, dropped in to pick up the “Winnie the Pooh” Cake at Prima’s and another pick up of Mr.Paul Jagadish (in a way my well wisher, grandpa and adviser) and reached the hotel by 7pm. Matt enjoyed running around the reception area and watching the fish tank and occasionally trying to free the parrot in the cage which was kept by the “Joshiyakaran” The party/dinner was scheduled at 7.30 and the first one to arrive was Dr.Jai. Then came the big  gang with the bang and as always the best shot was by Pradeep(correct me if I am wrong) suggesting that the RCPG Cricket team should ask the parrot when will we win a match 🙂 Luckily they dint ask else the parrot would have flown off! 

Nithyanand, Vidya & Ishana
Then  we started with the cake cutting and the photographer Nithyaanand fondly called as Anand by us  arrived with his Camera Package (looks like Camera and Nithyaanand goes hand in hand ROFL). It was fun and party thereafter. The buffet menu was nice and I was more interested in the dessert menu and filled up myself with some ice cream and jaggery while Prema tasted a few. Matthew had his share and was on his usual trip jumping from one person to another mesmerizing them with his trademark smile. 

JMJ on the cards!
We wound up around 9pm and before we were about to go my colleague Mr.Vijey wanted to see josiyum and asked the parrot to tell what his future would be. Would he be at the Bar (not the bar you think unless you were a lawyer) or the Bench! and Bingo the parrot gave him a Jai Hanuman picture. Somehow I do not accept this and was asking Vijey “what will I get as I am a Christian” So we decided to go and that’s when Matt ran off near the parrot so we decided to show him the parrot and asked the parrot to take a card for Matt and to my shocking surprise it was “the Holy Family”   I had no words but am still wondering how this happened. Finally we dropped Mr.Paul back and we hit the sack at 12. What a day it has been. Anyway all that starts well ends well! 

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